Social Media Marketing

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The process of sharing content through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In.

Social Media Audit

The process of upgrading social profiles and strategies of a business. 

Social Media Strategy

The strategy that defines the ways social media should be used to create a conversation with customers and reach goals.

Social Media Campaign Development

The process of using one or more social media platforms in order to reach a business goal.

Social Media Advertising

The online advertising that is presented on social networks.

Social Media Content Creation

The process of creating appropriate, valuable and consistent content for social networks.

Online Community Management

The process of building, expanding and managing online communities within social networks.

Social Listening

The monitoring of digital conversations to find out what perceptions customers have about a brand.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting

The collection of data from social media platforms which will be used in decision-making processes.

Why is SMM important?

In the 21st century, social media has become an undividable part of everybody’s life. So, there cannot be a better way to inform people about your product or service than through social networks. The posts are spreading among people with an exceptional speed. Hence, this is a very effective method for your brand promotion.

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What Clients Say?

  • The team at Achigo has been incredible in executing the ambitious projects we worked on. They are professional, responsible and easy to work with. The most important part is that they always give solutions in complex, which drives the success of each project. Partnership with Achigo was a big learning and a huge success for us and our clients.

    Mkrtich Poghosyan
    Head of Digital Marketing at Baldi London
  • I have had a chance to cooperate with this Team and actually that was pleasure for me. They are a very organized, responsible and smart team. Do not hesitate to apply for their help.😀😉💪

    Avag Simonyan
    Board Member at Startup Armenia Foundation &
    Deputy Director at Renaissance Foundation Armenia
  • We were pleasantly surprised on the level of responsibility and professionalism that ACHIGO showed during its operations. We were able to feel the spirit of their united team through their corporative implementation of tasks. Their strategic approach to our project contributed to the success of our company. We can        assure that the partnership with ACHIGO was a great experience for MEDA Pharmaceuticals.

    Hrant Avdalyan
    Meda Pharmaceuticals Switzerland LLC Representation Director
  • Our Group had a chance to use both digital marketing and software development services of ACHIGO. Their professional team managed to develop our ideas and turn them into reality. The partnership with ACHIGO was very beneficial for SAS Group.

    Sergey Asatryan
    PM at SAS Group & online store
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