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For HoReCa

Some would think that this industry does not need any marketing help as it is one of the most popular ones. However, its popularity can become its main challenge. You can come across a hotel, restaurant or café at every turn. That’s why; it is essential to have a well-developed marketing strategy in order to establish yourself in your customers’ minds and prove that your business is the best one in the region. SMM is one of the most influential tools that can be applied to this industry.

For E-commerce And Retail

Despite the fact that these industries differ in the way they deliver their products, they have one thing in common. In order to succeed, they need to use various marketing tools. If you have an online shop, you can use Conversion Rate Optimization to turn the visitors into potential customers. In case of a retail business, one can employ online reputation management and create a good standing for your customers via the Internet.

For Media And Publishing

It is not hard to guess that this industry is all about content. It provides diversified information for the public through paper-based (books, newspapers, journals, etc.) and online (websites, blogs, posts, etc.) sources. Today, many people give their preferences to online sources and consider paper-based ones failed. However, you can use online strategies such as content and inbound marketing to promote traditional sources.

For Software And SAAS

The software industry has been gaining popularity very quickly during the last few years. It has become an undividable part of every business. Also, its new business model which is known as SaaS (Software as a Service) has been adopted by many organizations due to its convenience and easily operated system. By understanding the increasing demand of this industry, Achigo provides you necessary assistance such as UI/UX Design and mobile app development.

For Financial Services

All the financial services without any exception must gain customers’ trust in order to survive. People will not corporate with an organization if they are not sure that their money will be in safe hands. One of the ways to convince customers that you are a reliable organization is to share valuable information about your service and improve your reputation. Two of the methods are content marketing and online reputation management.

For Health And Fitness

For all people, their health issues are of the greatest importance. That’s why; they will not trust the first encountered organization when it comes to their health. In order to persuade the customers that your organization does care about their well-being, you should show how you create value for them. For example, inbound marketing can help a fitness gym attract more customers by sharing information about the individual programs designed by its coaches.

For Individual Entrepreneurs

Many people choose to work individually instead of being a part of an organization. Marketing is much more critical in such cases because the likelihood that people will get aware of their activities is relatively low. Achigo provides one of the most effective strategies for them. With the help of Social Media Marketing, their works can be spread throughout social networks which will result in immediate recognition.

For Startups

All startup businesses without any exception need to establish themselves in the market. How can they do that? Of course, first of all, they should introduce themselves to their audience. The most effective and result-promising way is to use a thoroughly structured marketing strategy. SEO and Paid Search Marketing are good tools to promote your company. Also, if your business idea is in the stage of development, we can assist you by offering branding and crowdfunding.

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