Frequently Asked Questions

Dear visitors, customers, and people who are interested in our company, in this section you can find the frequently asked questions and the answers to them. It is constantly updated based on your new questions.

Why is it better to hire a marketing agency rather than in-house employees?

A marketing agency has employees with all the necessary skills that will benefit your business. You will not have to hire a number of in-house employees and pay each of them salaries. By hiring a marketing agency, you will be better off in both service quality and money outflow levels.

How do you manage to work for various industries?

Of course, all the industries differ from one another, and we have to change our approaches depending on various conditions and factors. We consider the constant research to be our key to success. Even if we know a particular industry well enough, we conduct additional research not to miss out something very important. Only after that, we create the strategy.

How long will it take to see the results?

The results depend on the chosen density of operations. If you decide to apply the whole package of digital marketing tools you will notice the first positive changes within a month. However, it will take more time if you choose separate services.

Do you apply much control over your employees?

No, we don’t because we realize that the “over” control can demotivate the team which will affect the productivity level. They have strict deadlines to follow, but they are given the freedom to be creative, express opinions, share ideas and have their own input in the projects.

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